India These 15 Public Holidays Have Been Abolished By Yogi Adityanath's Government

These 15 Public Holidays Have Been Abolished By Yogi Adityanath’s Government

Undoubtedly, Yogi Adityanath is taking steps for development in his territory and under his rule we are sure to see a new and better Uttar Pradesh in the coming future. But his new amendment is quiet disturbing for school students as well as people with jobs. Uttar Pradesh Government removed 15 holidays from the list of public holidays. The Government removed all the public birth and death anniversaries of famous personalities.

These 15 Public Holidays Have Been Abolished By Yogi Adityanath's Government
source: Hindustan times

As per the Government these holidays were previously declared by BSP(Bahujan Samaj Party) and SP(Samajvadi Party). “Instead, students in schools and colleges would now be taught about the great personalities on these days,” said Cabinet minister Shrikant Sharma. On the occassion of Dr BR Ambedkar’s 126th birth anniversary, Yogi Adityanath showed concern about the shortening of School Sessions due to increased holidays. There should be no holidays in schools on birth anniversaries of great personalities. Instead, a special two-hour programme should be held to teach students about them. The 220-day academic session has been reduced to only 120 days due to such holidays and if this tradition continues, there will be no day left for teaching in schools,” said Yogi Adityanath.

These 15 Public Holidays Have Been Abolished By Yogi Adityanath's Government
source: ndtv

The government also remarked that there are about 42 holidays and out of which 17 are either a birth or a death anniversary of an eminent personality. According to Firstpost, public holidays that have been removed by the government include Jan Nayak Karpori Thakur birth anniversary (Jan 24), Maharshi Kashyap and Maharaj Guha birth anniversary (Apr 5), Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Ajmeri Gareeb Nawaz Urs on (Apr 14), Chandrashekhar birth anniversary (Apr 17), Parashu Ram Jayanti (Apr 28), Maharana Pratap Jayanti (May 9), Jamat Ul Vida on June 23 (last Friday of Ramzan), Chhat Puja (Oct 26), Eid Milad Un Nabi (Dec 2), Chaudhary Charan Singh Jayanti (Dec 23).

This may be a bad news for students and parents who love to spend time with their family. But this will definitely lead to better results and awareness among students about eminent personalities. Instead of providing holiday on death and birth anniversaries, this is definitely a better way to teach students about the miraculous work done by the eminent personalities. We hope to see a better and developed Uttar Pradesh in the future.

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