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High Life These 7 Texts That All Guys Just Hate Receiving

These 7 Texts That All Guys Just Hate Receiving

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Men are very basic and simple beings and they definitely are not efficient texters so first of all it is always better to have a serious conversation on Phone than through texts. But if texting is the only option then, well better to avoid these 7 texts that all guys just hate receiving because these are only meant to stump you and you know Boys..

1. “I’m fine”

Never keep saying or telling him that you’re fine especially when he knows you are upset. It is just simply annoying that you will just totally shut yourself down. a guy asks you only because he cares for you and if you really don’t want to answer just say “Let’s not talk about it, please?”


2. “Whatever”

Most guys would admit that even when they know that you’re really mad at them they would still do better with a “I am SO Mad at you” text rather than “Whatever”

3. “Do what you Like”

This one is really tricky as most guys would think that you actually meant it as an acceptance of their proposal of things where we as girls know that we mean completely its opposite. Its always better to text that “Though I don’t want to stop you from doing it but you must know that I am going to be very mad about it”

4. “Hanging out with my Ex”

Well guys hate this particular “move” than a text if you’re trying to make them feel jealous or even wishing for them to make a move. It would be better to make a move yourself or pass the message through a friend..


5. “Off to party with my Friends”

Now this too drives them crazy as they just can’t figure out if its an invitation or you’re just telling them that you’ll be getting drunk.. I mean alot of thoughts can follow seeing such a text. If you really wish them to join you better attach “Join us?” with it.

6. “Why aren’t you replying to my message?”

If a guy has read your message and still not replying and you haven’t been in a fight then its probably only because he must be caught up in something else and itsa cue for us girls to be more patient.


7. “Thanks for not calling me back”

This is worse than a nuclear Bomb thrown at them. I know we say it only when they give us a reason to say so but yet again forgetting to call you back isn’t that they had any evil intentions behind it or something.. Men just forget.. in such a case just let them be..they will eventually remember and call you ASAP! After all where else they’re gonno go! 😉

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