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These Amounts Of Chocolate Coffee Alcohol And Water Can Kill You

We often have things to survive such as water which we need the most and chocolates to satisfy our cravings and fruits like cherries because well, fruits are healthy and Good and Coffee because Caffeine enhances metabolism and keeps you going but How much is too much? Everything in excess is bad! And its quite true even for the Elixir of life ‘Water’ which if consumed too much could be fatal. These Amounts Of Chocolate, Coffee, Alcohol and Water can Kill you..


Coffee lover yourself? Just 70 cups of the world’s favorite beverage are lethal for a 70 Kg person as it may cause extreme heart palpitations or even worse, a cardiac arrest!


Alcohol lovers beware Because if you take as much as 13 consecutive shots of alcohol, your brain may just stop performing some vital functions such as breathing or heart beating!


Death By chocolate could be true!   If you have pets you may remember the vet asking you never to feed chocolates to your pets and that is because of Theobromine, a chemical released which affects humans as well and becomes deadly at 1000mg/kg which is equivalent to eating 85 full size bars.

water glass

Water is essential but how much is Good?  You might have often heard celebrities or normal people telling you how they have good skin and fit body by consuming 4-6 litres of water everyday well, specifically 6 litres of water a day can swell your brain resulting in headaches, Coma and even Death. 2-3 litres of water a day are the best amount for consumption!

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