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Entertainment These Are Amazing Grandparents Who Went Viral

These Are Amazing Grandparents Who Went Viral

Here are some amazing grandparents you wouldn’ believe actually exist:

Glenn Quillen

When some people turn 100, they celebrate with a dinner, some cake and spending time with. family. But when Glenn Quilen turns 100, he asked his grandson to help set up a Tandem Skydiving trip. However, the skydiving plans were kept secret from family until the day before Quillen’s birthday and was extended an invitation to join him. Glenn did a tandem jump from 13,000 feet in San Diago, California, and wanted to do it again nearly right after.


The Police department in Charleston, West Virginia has assembled a special crime-fighting unit consisting of grandmothers who were once victims of domestic abuse or elder abuse. They were sworn in with the promise to protect their community from violence by using the power of love. This unit of grandmothers is known as “G-Unit” they don’t have guns or mace but instead, they dispatched to different communities in Charleston to give and hugs to people in an effort to reduce violence.

Kenneth Harmon

In March 2016, Kelsey Harmon tweeted a photo of her grandmother, Kenneth Harmon sadly eating a hamburger after 5 of his 6 grandchildren didn’t show up. The photo quickly went viral and everybody wanted to do something to make him feel better. About 10 days after the photo went viral “Sad Grandpa” had a cookout and hundreds of people showed to eat some good food and put a smile on Harmon’s face.

Anthony Verrecchia

While not actually a grandpa, Anthony Verrecchia is in his 50’s and supporting grey hairs and beard like a champ. After his husband died in an accident, Anthony took on working out which give him an amazing physique. Soon after, Anthony got into modelling, even at his older age, he has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and facebook account. Anthony also got nickname “silver fox ” from Manhattan. He is open to the idea ” Maybe finding love again”.


Yasmina Rossi

Yasmina is 60 years old but you can’t tell that by looking at her. Her body looks like a half of her age. In fact, many younger women want a body like her. Yasmina is not your typical fashion model who got retired by the age. She started modelling in her late 20’s and she is still booking top modelling gigs. The secret behind her evergreen beauty is healthy, exercise regularly and have daily body scrub.


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