High Life Fashion These Are Some Of The Creepiest And Weirdest Shoes Of The...

These Are Some Of The Creepiest And Weirdest Shoes Of The World

Invisible Shoes

These shoes are covered with mirror plates and reflect whatever surface you’re walking on.

Boxing Glove Shoe

I think these shoes are made for boxers who use their feet in boxing.

Heel-less Converse Shoes

What Daphne Guinness might have worn in college.

Elephant Dung Shoe

If you wear these shoes people will not only see you from far but will smell you also.

Gun Hoof Shoe

These shoes are supposed to be a message about the paradox of taxidermy—that in death, an animal achieves immortality. We say, why not give these a shot?

Human Foot Shoe

I think these are the creepiest pair of shoes I have seen ever. Isn’t it?

Translucent Hamster Stripper Boot

We can’t imagine what horrors would happen if the sole of the shoe ever shattered.

Tusk Heel

We imagine that cavewomen used to sit around the fire and swap stories about where they got their new tusk-laden mules. I am not even able to understand how to wear them, are you?

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