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These Are The Celebrities Who Sold Their Souls To Satan, And Be The Part Of Illuminati

here is the list of some famous Hollywood celebrities who sold their soul to Satan and be a part of the higher order secret group “The Illuminati”.


Beyonce is said to be the queen of Illuminati. She’s been ruling out the cult with her husband Jay-Z. Beyonce herself has denied the existence of any such gruop but some pieces of evidence clearly suggest. The most giveaways amongst these are her hand gestures.

2)Brad Pitt

In 2011 while promoting Moneyball Pitt was asked about his early career struggles as an actor. Before becoming a star he used the opportunity to facetiously attack his Christian upbringing and explain how he ultimately found success? Pitt answered ” I grew up in a very Christian environment, a healthy environment, a loving family but there were just parameters and things I didn’t understand I always questioned it and it took me to my adult years and leaving home or I could really try something different for myself that was Satanism. It’s working out really well I made a pact that;’s why the move come out so well.

3)Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s performance at 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show has been called as her most recent performance paying tribute to the Illuminati. Her standing on the high pedestal symbolizes her being Satan’s goddess and the drones revolving around her signs of the robot revolution. In her one interview in 2012, she also said on something that I swear to Lucifer.

4)Kanye West

The short film Kanye released in 2010 provided substantial proof to the theorist about his association with the Illuminati.


5)Amanda Bynes

Nickelodeon’s golden girl in the past and public breakdowns. Later Amanda Bynes is as strange as they come. She made accusations s against her parents on Twitter and was the centre of quite some drama between 201 and 2015. Later it was found that she had bipolar disorder and manic depression/. The theorist, however, believed that it was an Illuminati play to assassinate Bynes as it was found out the Illuminati used monarch mind to control to keep their young inductees in control their perspective members are called kittens.


At 2017 Grammys it was figured out that Adele originally had refused to accept that awards and wanted it to go to Beyonce as a tribute to the queen. She is also appeared on a magazine cover with one eye covered, Rings a bell it really does conspiracy. Theorists also believed that her career was fueled by the Illuminati for nefarious ends.

7)Katy Perry

Durin her interview with rolling stone apparently she got her wishes at the Super Bowl Halftime show when the symbolism in her performance was absolutely on point. According to the conspiracy theorists she even rode in the back of a beast. The performance was filled with chess boards and her roles on the star which proved that she was rising up in the Illuminati order.

8)Angelina Jolie

A video of Angelina surfaced some time ago wherein she was discussing the blood rituals that she that she had been through in a dark room. This has lead to the idea that she has Illuminati ties.

9)J K Rowling

With the success of Harry Potter came out an army of conspiracy. Theorists who claim she was Illuminati. It’s been alleged that she was simply ht face of Harry Potter while the story was actually written by a mystery man. Nobody knows who nav=ctually was the son of Hitler.

10)Bob Dylan

Who would have thought that this great folk music pioneer would say something so intense. The reality he made the confession on National TV.


You know this makes sense how else can you explain a white man going up in the hip-hop game and being one of the greatest MCS of all time. There has to be something somewhat supernatural going on there. Plus you hear a song like rap God like it makes you realize not only is he claiming false worship by calling himself, God . He also is rapping at the speed of the light. we are sure that the normal mortals cannot do that without havind=g our voice. box burst into flames.

12 )Michal Jackson

Finally, in 1995 Jackson an eye-opening tune entitled money which made perfectly what the King of Pop was willing to do for it.”Anything, anything, anything for money, would lie for you, would die for you, even sell my soul to the devil”.


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