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High Life These Are The Safety Facts On Food That You Should Be Aware...

These Are The Safety Facts On Food That You Should Be Aware Of!

1)Don’t Drink Milk Afer Sell By Date

Don’t just dont drink the milk which is past sell by date. It is quite unhealthy and harmful to your health. It is not healthy whether you drink it two or a day later sell-by date.

2)You Should Not Drink In a Cup That Was left Outside

Actually, itself has no ingredients which can spoil it but dont’ use the cup that was left overnight or from a long time. Don,t use this cup to anything without washing it. Because of it quite unhygienic and unhealthy for your health.


If you were thinking of throwing out that discoloured bar of chocolate you just unwrapped, think again. A white or greyish film on the surface of your chocolate might look alarming, but it’s most likely just a fat bloom. This occurs when cocoa butter fats separate from the cocoa. It’s completely normal and safe to eat.

4Dont Store The Butter At Room Temperature

Yes! it is quite wrong to keep the butter at your room temperature. It should be stored in your refrigerator.

5)Always Wash Your Fruits And Veggies Before Eat


I think I don’t have any need to explain this point more because it’s quite known to us. We should wash our veggies and fruits before preparing it to eat.

6)Dont Double-dip

This is one of the table etiquettes, that we should not double-dip if we are eating in one plate. It causes to spread germs, whether the person is looking sick or not. So, if you want to double -dip and enjoy your snacks and don’t spread germs as well.

7If You Bought It Cold, It Should Be Stored Cold

This is quite obvious that if you buy something that was stored in the cold temperature then you should store it in your refrigerator. So, take care of these things and don’t keep those things at room temperature.



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