Bigg Boss 14: Gauhar Khan’s Reply On Rahul Vaidya’s Nepotism Comment

Gauhar Khan comes out in support of Jaan Kumar Sanu over Rahul Vaidya's nepotism remark on him. Read to know what she said.

These Are The Ways To Look Cute In Front Of Your Boyfriend Or Crush

Okay! all girls are beautiful and cute by birth. But when it comes to their loved ones they want to look more special. So here we will give some useful tips to glam up your look. So, read these few tips, apply in your love life and see the results. So here’s the list below:

1)Dress To Impress

Men are more attracted towards well-dressed girls. But it doesn’t mean you should wear glittery clothes. In fact, it means that you should wear your clothes properly. Try to wear simple formal looking clothes. You can wear casual but plain clothes but properly maintained or comfortable for you.

2)Genuine Smile

Guys love to see a girl smiling but don’t smile every time. Just smile when you mean it which is your genuine smile.


Don’t make that confusing hairstyles. Just go little messy and try to keep your hairs natural. Do not curl or straight them more.

4)Make-Up To Look Natural

Yes! girls love to makeup but it shouldn’t be highlighted as it looks artificial. Men are attracted to bright or big eyes and full, plump lips. Just highlight these two parts of your face. For this, you can apply thin eyeliner and your favourite shade of lipstick. Don,t forget to set eyebrows in perfect shape according to your face. Teen girls should prefer little thick eyebrows as they look dark and highlight your eyes.

5)Beauty extras

In order to look attractive, it does not only face which works for it. But body plays a far bigger role in it. So, dont forget body scrubbing. Keep your legs smooth by waxing or whatever you prefer to remove hairs. Moreover, keep your teeth shiny, face glowing and hair hygienic.


Men are attracted to those girls who have their own lives and who have fun. So, your happiness should not be dependent on another person, you should be happy with your own life and works. Moreover, you can enjoy and have fun with friends also.

7)Use Body Language While Communicating

Using the gesture while communicating with someone gives a positive signal to that person. It proves that you are listening to him and you are interested in what he is talking. Gestures like touching his arm give a signal of your interest in him and his talks.

8)Be Confident

Confidence is the sexiest thing in the girl. You should be confident about what you are saying, doing or even wearing. Don’t be a girl who always cares about other’s opinions and losses confidence because of criticism. Never, be like that. “Just be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and you will be a lady with class”.

9)Stick To Positive Small Talks

Communication is a good thing but redundant can be bad. So, always have little and small conversations. Guys don’t like the girls who always keep on talking and complaining. If you will talk less but effective, it will make him dying to speak to you.

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