Kangana Ranaut’s Big Statement On Reservation System Of India

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is in a lot of discussions about her statements. On the other hand, recently she has put her...
Trending "These assholes came in and burned down our forest" A Tribal Woman...

“These assholes came in and burned down our forest” A Tribal Woman Accuses Farmers Of Deadly Amazon Fire

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The biggest rainforest in the world Amazon is burning for over two weeks and received media attention only recently. While no major solution has been proposed, theories of what set the fires are on the rise. Some believe that the local farmers did it, government blames the NGOs for purposefully setting the fire to the forest. However, a Tribal woman accuses local farmers by saying “These assholes came in and burned down [our reservation]… I want all of the media here to see this.”

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