High Life These Bengaluru Girls Are Getting Viral On Social Media For Their Daring...

These Bengaluru Girls Are Getting Viral On Social Media For Their Daring Story

The daring story of Bengaluru girls Maitri Manjunath and Sushma Satyanarayan is getting viral on social media. Actually, Maitri had found an abandoned girl infant outside her apartment. Maitri and her friend Sushma took the responsibility and reached the hospital with the newly born. 

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However, nobody came across to help them. Actually, when Maitri reached home from work she told people that someone has left the infant girl outside her house. She said for a while I did not get what do to now? then she called her friend Sushma Satyanarayan. She said when we asked the male members of the society to help us they refused to do so and started clicking photos.

According to Maitri, the hospital staff was quite helpful. Doctors immediately took the charge and they said by taking the newly born to the hospital on time they saved her life. Maitri and Sushma gave their statements to police, and soon police had found newly born’s mother. This baby girl’s mother is a widow and lives in a slum.

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