Entertainment Bollywood These Bollywood Celebrities Are Living With Two Wives in One Home

These Bollywood Celebrities Are Living With Two Wives in One Home

In Bollywood divorce and remarriage is the common scenario. There are a number of celebrities in the Bollywood who have done marriage more than one time. As often, we see that only after a divorce, the actors get married to the other. However, today we will tell you about the actors who not only have two wives, without divorcing the first, in fact, they are living with both of them under one roof.

Salim Khan

Salim is a father of superstar Salman Khan. He is a film producer and scriptwriter. He got married to Sushila Charak, his college mate in 1964 first. The couple had 4 children together. Then he married twice in 1981 to actress Helen. Today the family of one husband, two wives and 5 children are living together happily and peacefully under one roof.

Naseeruddin Shah

The evergreen actor of the Bollywood did his first marriage just at the age 19. The name of his first wife was Parveen Murad. He had a daughter from her. But then he fell in love with his co-star Ratna Pathak and they got married. After that, for many years Shah with his two wives used to live in Mumbai at one place. But then his two wives started quarrelling and they decided to get separated. Shah with his three children (daughter from Parveen and two sons from Ratna) and second wife lives in Mumbai today whereas his first wife is settled in foreign. But whenever she comes to India she stays with her husband and his second wife.

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