These Physical Changes Happen in Your Body When You Feel Rejected

Feeling rejected not only harms you mentally but it also has some physical side-effects. Yes, you read it right! Rejection may be of any kind whether job rejection, in friendship or rejection in love. According to a survey, most people report symptoms like physical pain and aches, fever and hormonal changes after rejection.

According to the researchers, our brain processes rejection the same way it processes physical pain. This is the reason why it becomes extremely difficult for a person to move on after a rejection.

Control over the brain

A person is not being able to ‘think straight’ is a real outcome of feeling rejected. Feelings of rejection led participants to become more aggressive and exhibit less self-control. Don’t make decisions during this period. Give your brain some time to adapt to the situation. To overcome this, you should watch a senseless movie or have a conversation with a friend.

Muscle Swelling

Our brain releases cortisol along with adrenaline after processing the feeling of being rejected. This causes muscle swelling and it further causes soreness and aches. To overcome this one should hit the gym for a workout or go for a run or a walk.

Loss of appetite

Problems occur in the digestive system. Blood doesn’t get redirected to the digestive system and this results in the inability to eat, forgetting to eat altogether or nausea. A good walk or run can overcome this.

Mental fatigue

Rejection causes a condition called as Brain Fog, a type of cognitive dysfunction that involves irritability, lack of memory retrieval and inability to focus or concentrate. Eat your favourite food and hang out at your best place with your best people to overcome this.