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High Life These Creative Wedding Photographs Will Blow Away Your Mind! Wanna Try These...

These Creative Wedding Photographs Will Blow Away Your Mind! Wanna Try These Ideas?

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Every Bride and Groom wants their wedding to be special and different of all. Today is the trend of hiring the best of photographers and videographers to capture every single moment of the wedding and make it creative and memorable. We have few pictures in the list which will make you scream ‘Wow’! Forget those old poses and ideas of either smiling or faking a candid. Instead, give these pictures a look and get ready to try them in your own wedding! These are the perfect examples of creativity and it’s best.

  • Be the Durga of your wedding and ask your girlfriends to pose for the same. How creative and beautiful this picture seems!
  • Turn the world upside down with such a photograph. Your partner shall appreciate and flaunt such photo throughout.
  • How about starting the wedding journey with a bike ride? If yes, then why not tell the world through the bikes that you guys are together forever!
  • Mehandi must have not been imagined in such a way. How beautifully henna has been flaunted here. This pose of the bride is highlighting her beauty, her happiness and of course her bridesmaids.
  • How about simply trying the ‘Lakk 28 Kudi Da’ moment ? Just a simple dance step can add glitters to the photograph. Such pictures are full of life.
  • And this one is the cutest of all! Presenting naughty brothers and bride in one single frame.
  • Comforting each other with one single piece of fabric depicts coziness, love and oneness in the photograph. This is a beautiful pose!
  • The picture is different. It is a pre wedding shoot where the groom is shown along with his ‘Heart and Warmth’ i.e her would be wifey.
  • These photos are in trend these days. These look amazing and do not require any facial expressions. Such pictures only require desired light! It’s a game of light and then click click!
  • This one is different only because of the board which girls are holding! Creative write ups to support regular photos are definitely a thumbs up! These make boring photos happening!
  • This photo is a honeymoon photo! (No comments though). Those who loved it are surely gonna try this one! Shhhh….It will be a secret!
  • It is a mischievous picture! All the friends can be tutored to ape and imitate such a pose. This one is really cool!
  • Wow! A true representation of hearts. This picture actually makes us believe in ‘made for each other’.
  • No bachelorette should go without these pictures. Listen girlfriends! Have a look at these pictures and try something like this.

These were few of the creative and unusual wedding photographs which were loved by many. For those who want the regular photoshoot to happen in a happening way, why not try such poses? These will surely add spice to your wedding album!

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