These Eight Unique Creatures Will Leave You Astonishing: Must See

Unusual creatures
Unusual creatures

Nature is one of the beautiful gifts given by God. From the air, we breathe to the food we intake everything comes from nature. But apart from this, it has offered us varied creatures and plants that are absolutely amazing. But the interesting part is to see those creatures whom our eyes can’t believe upon. Or one could hardly wonder if they can ever exist. But this is a magic of nature that leaves us so surprised. So below we have shared about some creatures that you will surely love to checkout.

Praying mantid

This beautiful purple creature has bulging eyes and heads that can swivel 180 degrees. The praying mantis eats nothing but live food, mostly insects. Mantids use camouflage to hide from predators and sneak up on prey. These colors allow them to blend into their natural surroundings such as tree bark or green plant leaves. Mantises have no venom and cannot sting. Nor do they carry any infectious diseases so don’t hurt humans. These mantises depending on the species may live 4–8 weeks, while larger species may live 4–6 months. They are found in Australia and most parts of Brisbane.

Translucent Butterfly

A species of brush-footed butterfly also known as Greta Orta scientifically. And the most interesting part is its wings that look like transparent windows. Their delicate wings have a frame of orange and white colors similar to the monarch butterfly. However, the rest of their fancy wings are made of flawless clear panes, giving it a glassy effect. The special thing about the clear panes is that it allows the butterfly to disappear into its surrounding. The color of the wings is transparent due to the lack of pigment in their chitin. These butterflies are native to Central and South America.

Tussock Moth

We all have seen many hairy creatures before but have you seen a hairy moth. If not check out below. Tussock Moths are fairly large moths with a body covered in long scales that look like hair or fur. The wings are held back either flat or in a roof shape. The antennae are tucked back alongside the wings. They are Beautiful fluffy moth with coloring similar to that of a pearl.

Cuban Painted Snail:

Have you seen a snail with a colorful spiral abstract painting. If not yet here’s something that you need to see. Its none other than a painted snail. The combinations of colors are so varied and unique to each individual that these snails despite of being so tiny in size are easily visible to everyone. These snails hibernate in winter , but during the spring they come out as it is their favourite season. Talking about the food they feed on microscopic algae, lichens and fungi.

Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar

If you think that animated things are only human-made then you are wrong. Have a look at this most astonishing and rare caterpillar commonly called a spicebush swallowtail caterpillar. The look of this little creature is so cute that it will make you feel as if it has come from an animated world. Its big eyes on top of its head are part of the defense mechanism that keeps the prey like birds away from them. They usually stay on the leaves till they turn into butterflies. And the good part is that this one is safe to touch and pet.

Gaint Leaf Insect:

Another insect that can leave your mouth wide open is the giant leaf insect. It is one of the large species of leaf insect that have a resemblance to a leaf. And also one of the largest species of leaf insects that are kept as a pet. Found in a tropical forest of Malaysia. This species consists of only females that lay unfertilized eggs, which in turn give rise to new females. As far as the food is concerned Giant Leaf Insects eat leaves of bramble, oak, and rose species. 

Leafy Sea Dragon:

A sea consists of many unusual creatures. And we all know that. So here’s one of the creatures that so many of us might have not seen. And it’s none other than a sea dragon. But wait!! here we are talking about the leafy sea dragon which is quite rare to see. They are related to pipefish and seahorses and they share the same fused jaw feature. Donned with soft corals, sponges, colonial sea squirts these creatures prefer temperate to cooler waters and are depth sensitive. 

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