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High Life Did You Know That These Everyday Things Are Enough To Kill You?

Did You Know That These Everyday Things Are Enough To Kill You?

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No one can ignore the facts of life. We have normally been associating reasons of death with age, diseases and stress. But what if I tell you that the water that you drink daily and several times a day can be reason of your death if consumed excessively.

So check out and get shocked:

things enough to kill you

Yeah you read it right. Around 6 litres of water is enough to kill you. This much of water can make brain cells swell leading headaches coma and death in some cases.

things enough to kill you

70 cups of coffee can lead to heart palpitations and cardiac arrest which will result in death of a person.

things enough to kill you

One or two ground cherry seeds have enough cyanide to kill a person. Swallowing the pit is fine but chewing isn’t. The cyanide leaves cells unable to use oxygen.

things enough to kill you

13 shots without a break is enough to kill a person. Alcohol being depressant, results in shutting down the brain and vital functions like heart rate and breathing.

things enough to kill you

Music which is above 185 decibels creates air pressure which can burst your lungs or make an embolism go to the heart.

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