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These Everyday Things Kill You Slowly With Every Passing Day

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Do you ever happen to read those tiny finely printed lines written        under WARNING or DANGER? Guess not! Nobody really does bcause first of all, whose got that much time? we’re too busy earning to buy all that shit! and secondly, well who cares! Ignorance, however can be our biggest enemy because these are what we start and end our day with so its time we started paying more attention to ‘tiny’ details as these everyday things Kill you slowly with every passing day..

1. Toothpaste


Now we all use this in the morning everyday dont we? What if it was toxic and it does you more harm than any good? Now you’re paying attention! Toothpastes contain a chemical called Triclosan which sadly enough, causes nervous and cardiac problems and can also cause breast cancer!

2. Milk


The second good thing we look upto everyday! Well, Cow milk which is known for its high protein content comes with a chemical named Bovine growth hormone, which is used to increase milk production in cows. BGH can lead to serious diseases such as cancer, Arthiritis, and migraines.

3. Microwave


Yes! you just used it to heat your milk didn’t you? The heating in Microwave is done through short range elctromagnetic waves called microwaves surely you knew that but we are talking about radiation leakage here and that can lead to birth defects, weakened immune system and even the food heated in microwaves can cause blood pressure fluctuation.

4. Mobile/Cell Phones


These should come even before Toothpaste right? I know I wake up and see my phone first! we all do! But here’s the thing the radiofrequencies contain radioactive emissions that can cause cancer. So we can’t give up phones obviously but make sure to use them less often and never keep them in chest pockets or sleep with them under or beside your pillow.

5. Salt


Salt! Seriously? Well, what can you do! The amount of sodium these days in salt increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes which we Indians are more prone to as we consume higher percentage of salt in every meal “Namak Risk Ka” I guess!

6. Potato chips


OhWell! we all know these are bad but we still can’t let go of these! Such an addiction worse than drugs! These snacks can cause cancer of the colon, breast, bladder and prostate, apart from wreaking havoc on your skin and clogging up your arteries! Sounds pretty nasty! :/

7. Cucumber





now how can that be killing you? Cucmbers are supposed to be Good, they are the haven for us who want to lose weight.. I know! But did you know? the bitterness in cucumber is due to cucurbitacins which is potentially toxic! That’s why mum used to ask us to cut the ends first and use the rest! Logic!

8. Fizzy Drinks


Coke mostly! Fizzy drinks contain all kinds of dirty food dyes and preservatives like the Brominated Vegetable Oil(BVO) which is bad for teeth, skin and blood glucose levels! (Skin? Teeth? Coke! You’re outta my life!)

9. Sitting


What? Im sitting right now and I have to sit for the next what 5 hours? Holy Sh*t! Sitting for more than 3 hours a day can cause high risks of organ damage, delayed reactions, muscle degeneration basically making you more suscepitible to death! Oh Lord! F*cked us so bad!

10. Sleeping


Sleeping too little can make you gain weight while people who sleep more than 9 hours a day are at a higher risk of falling prey to heart diseases and other illnesses. A Good 7-8 hours sleep at night is sufficent to sustain a good health.

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