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High Life These Facts About Money You Should Know Before 30

These Facts About Money You Should Know Before 30

Kids Planning

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Yes! you should have proper family planning after marriage. One should not plan a baby before getting financially stable because children are a huge responsibility. It takes a lot of children to look after one kid only. So, you should plan accordingly.

Save Today For Older Age

There is no doubt in this fact that we should save money from now for our older ages. Save that much money for yourself that you will never rely on others in your older age.

Buy Good Quality Shoes and Clothes


We, know that good quality clothes and shoes are expensive but these are worth or going to pay you back. If you will buy cheap clothes, you have to buy again and again.

Cook At Home

Never think that eating outside is cheaper. Build a habit to cook at home. Homemade food is bit hygienic and healthier than the food of outside.

Ask For promotion

Yeah! If you are working for more than three years in a company so it is quite obvious that you should get the promotion. If you are not getting than ask for it. But take care of the right place and the right time to talk with your boss.

Invest in Your Health and Education

It’s a well-said proverb that “Health is Wealth”. So, you should take care of your health and spend on it whenever required. Apart from this, education is must and continue it. Education is a great source of earning, more. The more you are educated, the more pay you will get.

Don’t Invest in Something You Don’t Know Well


Investment is a really very important thing. But keep it in your mind that it can “Make & Mar” the huge amount of money. So, be very careful before investing anywhere.

Don’t Borrow to Pay Old Debts

I think I don’t have any need to explain this point further because we all know debt is really a gruesome thing. Don’t ever take debt.

Stay Connected With your Friends And Make New Ones

This is the well-said proverb that ” having a friend in a court is better than a penny in a  purse”. So, stay connected with your old friends and keep making new ones.

Avoid Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchases are wastage of money.

Put Part Of Your Salary in Saving Account

Life is full of surprises you don’t know what is going to happen in next second, maybe you will have an accident, health issue and so on. So save your money that you will be able to survive in those situations easily.

Find a Passive source of Income

This is the smartest idea I think. Do not depend on only one source of earning money. Find another source also and make the good amount of money from it. It can be your hobby such as singing or dancing you can also earn from these hobbies.









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