Gym? No the timing doesn’t suit me.

Yoga?No I don’t like it.

Running?No everybody I know runs in the park

You want to get fit, but choosing the right (well,right for you) way to get fit might be easier said than done! Staying fit is all about making a choice.Making a choice that how you choose to cut the calories.Now fitness doesn’t necessarily come by torturing yourself at the gym. There are other ways to get fit and burn those damn calories!

Power yoga


It is not important whether you learn it from a professional, or from a DVD. As long as you’re doing it right and you like doing it , go for yoga ! Power yoga is the new thing.Normal yoga would do the trick too if you’re not into fancy names 😛

Mixed martial arts


Take your pick from Taekwondo,Karate, kickboxing etc.If you want to release that pent up anger, or you just like hitting someone, register yourself at a nearest martial arts classes.It has an added benefit too-It comes handy as a self defense trick.

Choose a sport

^22AE1F94F10106AE9D2B44E3D4ED9A42864BF2C1D9060E1864^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrChoose any sport that you like-and stick to it.Anything from Basketball, Tennis, baseball, cricket, football, badminton etc.When you choose a sport that you like you are more likely to stick to it and keep fit in process.



If you absolutely donot want to or cannot indulge in any type of physical activity,dieting is the way to go.Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits.Drink lots of water.AVOID junk at all costs.Ban fizzy drinks from your life.Eat better.If you cannot manage it by yourself,consult a dietician.


Walking or running is good solution to burn fat and tone your muscles.30 minutes brisk walking can do wonders for your health.Go on hike ; you will enjoy and you can use the time to talk to yourself.



Regular cycling can help you shed the kilos.It is a known fact that cycling helps in reducing stress.If you don’t want to go outdoors you can get the stationary cycle and cycle at home.It’s excellent for knees!



Swimming is a great weight buster.It will help your burn the calories efficiently.Swimming works up all the major muscles.It tones up your entire body.Aaaand it’s fun to do too! Go find the nearest swimming pool in your area.

There are many ways to get a fit body.Mental fitness is a very important part of physical fitness too.Maintain your body and mind to lead a healthy peaceful life.

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