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Entertainment These Hollywood Movies Were A Copy Of Bollywood Movies !

These Hollywood Movies Were A Copy Of Bollywood Movies !

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We as an audience think that most of the time Bollywood copies ideas from Hollywood movies. But it’s not true even Hollywood directors take inspiration from Bollywood. Movies are movies, they entertain us, inspire us, make us believe in the miracle, life changing opportunities. Anybody can be inspired by it, even Hollywood directors are human beings, they can also get inspiration.

Darr – Fear

fear - darr
Credit : Bollywood double

“Fear” is a 1996 Hollywood movie directed by James Foley starring Mark Wahlberg, Reese Witherspoon, William Petersen, Amy Brenneman and Alyssa Milano. Most of the scenes are copied, in one of the scenes the  lead actor of Fear writes the name of Reese Witherspoon With a knife, which is an iconic scene of Darr. The only difference is that in fear the stalker is the main lead boyfriend.

Choti Si Baat – Hitch  

choti si baat- hitch
Credit : Indiatimes

“Hitch” was released in 2005 starring Will Smith, it was thought that the movie “Partner” starring Salman Khan and Govinda was copied  from Hitch. But if we notice carefully the Bollywood movie “Choti Si Baat” which was released much before Hitch, had the same story line. In which a boy wants to woo a girl and gets help from a person whose profession is this.

Maine Pyaar Kyu Kia – Just Go With It  

maine pyaar kyu kai
Credit : First post

In ” Maine Pyaar kyu Kia”, main lead Salman Khan lies that he is going through a bad marriage to impress his love interest and lies a lot because of which he gets into different kinds of troubles, but in the end falls in love with the women he makes his fake wife “Sushmita Sen”. Just Go With It released in 2011 is exactly the same, with little difference.

Vicky Donor – Delivery Man

vicky donor
Credit : Bollywood bubble

In Vicky Donor   (2012 ) a boy sells his sperm to earn money, In Delivery Man (2013)  starring Vince Vaughn, the guy also donates his sperm to earn money. The basic story behind both the movies is same.

Jab We Met – Leap Year 

Credit : Hit bull

Jab we met was released in 2007 and Leap Year in 2010, both the movies have same basic story where a girl who talks a lot takes on a journey to meet her boyfriend, on journey meet a guy shares a room at a hotel, fall in love get separated and  on the end meet again and marries.

See, even Hollywood can be a copy cat. Next time if you think that only Bollywood copies first search the movie. 

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