Entertainment Celebrity Gossips These Kids Of World Famous Celebrities Are Divas In Making!

These Kids Of World Famous Celebrities Are Divas In Making!

As celebrities are known for their luxuries lifestyle. Their kids are not less in any numbers. Spoiled, pampered or demanding, are all words you could use to describe Divas. There are many famous celebrity kids in Hollywood who are stealing the limelight with their diva type behaviours. Here are some of your favourite celebrity kids who are actually are upcoming Divas:

1)Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy is the precious child of Jay Z and Beyonce. If that combination isn’t Diva in waiting What is? Little Blue has been known to steal the show during live TV broadcast, she’s shushed her superstar mom at the Grammys and scolded her own grandmother. She’s not afraid to show paparazzi just how she feels about them either. Blue is such a Diva. She has her own demands in her dad’s rider. Every show must have organic whole milk for Blue Ivy to drink.

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2)North West

Daughter of Kanye West and Reality star Kim Kardashian is definitely a Diva in training. Little North is frequently photographed rocking such refinements as expensive diamond earrings, Fur coats and Leather Jackets.

3)Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise is a fashionista and is somewhat famous for bratty behaviour. She even has her own credit card and loves to shop. Her shoe collection is worth over $100,000 making her one of the best-dressed kids in Hollywood. Little Suri has no problem in asking for exactly what she wants and has allegedly asked for fresh cupcakes in the middle of the night.

4)Harper Beckham

Little Harper Beckham is as cute Diva as they come. The celebrity kid is a dainty girl who loves to be pampered with spice girl mom Victoria. The two are often spotted at high-end salons getting mani/pedis and living the luxe life. By the tender age of 5, Harper could run in heels and walk like a model.

5)Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo is one of the most polarizing kids in the show Biz. The little pageant queen is either hated or adored. It’s not a secret that Honey Boo Boo is a Diva. She has no problem telling off mom mama June and is frequently reported to have mouthed off to celebrities, interviewers and fans alike. Honey Boo Boo whose real name is Alana has even gone so far as to strike her mother when she doesn’t get her way. Starring in two reality shows may be taking its toll on the blonde haired cutie.



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