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These Little Paintings Will Shock You But Also Tell You the True Meaning of Life.

Some theorists regard ART as the biggest form of life. Art is what they perceive to be the truest definition for whatever we do because art is never constant and it never defines anything within a constraint. Going by the same word, let us see some paintings and reflect!

UntitledSeems so simple, yet so deep! A cat is meant to eat its prey and that is the mouse, which strikes our mind! let’s get aesthetic now! The cat symbolizes the human who thinks he is born to exploit the others for his benefit and even when that is being done, the other humans are the ones who without harming the culprit, make him go famous by making him the talk of the town!

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UntitledmkThis painting is a slap on humanity, who has become so self centered these days, that we have no time to reflect on our identity today. We have no time to realize that we all are bound to be together and look forward to an egalitarian society! But, what we do today is something ironic. We are least bothered for the humans and are rather bothered about thing and material!

pawelk1This painting can have several interpretations! be it that Man loves one animal ans kills the other ones as if they had no life! It could also mean, a man always deceives through his love whomever he wants to kill! It could also mean the least deserving today gets the utmost privilege due to man’s own “bias”.

The paintings above could seem superficial but when seen with an eye of the conscience these paintings reflect the true nature of human beings! If the world is a difficult place, it has been made by humans! No one is ready to be defied. If we are blinding ourselves today we are also acting deaf! The humanity itself is the biggest fear today for its own people rather than animals! It’s rather a slap for us, more than a lesson!

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