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News Technology These Splendid Inventions Will Blow Your Mind For Sure

These Splendid Inventions Will Blow Your Mind For Sure

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This is the era of technology and every day a new invention takes place. We are living in an innovative world. So, there are some examples of these splendid innovations which will blow your mind:

Smart shoes

These shoes are worth dollar 450. Basically, these shoes count your number of steps taken or calories burnt in a day. Further, It connects to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth.


This invention is really great. With the help of Scorkl, you can breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes. Apart from this, You just have to simply pump in and it will be ready to use. So, order this device for $200.


GoDuo is special speakers that can be fit anywhere. These are waterproof as well as damage-proof speakers. You can buy these speakers for $79.these speakers gives amazing audio quality and you can enjoy your own DJ party at home.


This gadgety have amazing features. You can link this device to your phone and can enjoy the professional like video or photoshoot. Any kind of lances can be connected to our phone with the help of this device. It costs for $278.


BIKI is basically a robot which can go underwater. Moreover, you can control it with your phone also. The amazing fact about BIKI is that it can record videos in water and have special flashes in case of no sunlight underwater. It has a memory of 32GB which makes it really awesome. Above all, it will reach it’s starting point automatically in case of loss of connection. Its price is $600.


Jabii is basically a gaming device. It is a boxing glove that can be connected to your phone. It has telescopic mast of 96cm. In case of the hit, it will not hurt you. The cost of this amazing device is $70.



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