Music Composer Wajid Khan Passed Away At 42

Singer-composer Wajid Khan of music director duo Sajid-Wajid, has passed away at the age of 42 years. The news of the death...
High Life These Things Should be Avoided If You Want To Be Rich

These Things Should be Avoided If You Want To Be Rich

# Don’t Underestimate Your professional Value- Many Of us usually underestimate our professional. We think that we are fit enough for this job and sometimes we think that we are not qualified enough. The people who believe in their professional values and are confident about it gain an upper hand easily.

#Unpaid Working- Don’t ever do this mistake. If you are spending your time and efforts for your company then do not work unpaid. You should get some reward for this as money. it will surely increase your productivity.

# Forgetting Time Is a Money- Research says that the people who value the time more than money are richer. For Example- If you to have to go market and get something that costs for  $2 and it will take 2hours to get this but if you will order this it will take $5. So, you consider the first option right. But if you can earn $10 an hour so why you should waste your two hours to save just $3.

# Looking Ahead Instead of Looking Around- This point is about our extra curriculum things. We start to exile just in one thing and start neglecting our other interests. This is not the right thing we should do something productive and extra from our routine too.


# Considering Money the Main Goal- Don’t earn money just for the sake of earning money. Do the job, which makes you happy.

# Settling For status Que- Yes! this is also an important point. Just try to do little more what you did the day before.

# Neglecting your Health and Appearance- It is a well-said proverb that “Health is a Wealth”. Indeed, health is the most important thing for us. Healthy people live more and earn more. Moreover, your appearance makes a great impact on your career and profession.So, never ever neglect your appearance and health.

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