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These Two Saddest Things Broke Kader Khan From Inside During His Life

Bollywood industry lost its one of the gems when Kader Khan died on December 31 2018/1 January 2019. His fans expressed grief over his death. He died of supranuclear palsy, a degenerative disease. He got hospitalized on 28 December 2018 complaining of “breathlessness” in Canada. On 31 December 2018/1 January 2019, Khan’s son, Sarfaraz Khan, confirmed that Kader Khan had passed away at age 81.

Today we will discuss about the two things, which broke Kader Khan from inside during his life after the films. They were revealed by one of his special friends.

He was alone

Kade Khan felt that he was forgotten by his millions of fans. He was all alone, nobody cares for him. No one from the Bollywood industry had visited him while he was unwell. His one of the closest friend Shakti Kapoor said that,

“Now that he is gone, the film industry has been thinking about him. Why do people remember an actor when they are not alive? Why can’t they say something nice when the person is working or when they are sick or when they are struggling? They only start talking about an actor when they are no more and they are not around to hear it all.”

He wanted people to know him more than an actor

Kader Khan was not only an actor and comedian but Kader Khan has written many super hit films. For his achievements, he never got awarded by Bollywood as well as the government of India with the Padmashree.

Both of these things had completely destroyed Kader Khan from inside. That’s why he decided to leave India and settled down in Canada with his third son as his own people forgot him completely.

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