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They Repeat Too: Twinkle Khanna Spotted Wearing Same Earrings at Two Events

They Repeat Too: Twinkle Khanna Spotted Wearing Same Earrings at Two Events


Poor, rich, middle-class are just titles. We are human first at heart, share the same behaviour at qualities no matter where we were born. It is a notion about celebrities that they don’t repeat the clothes and other stuff but it is not true. At several occasions, they were spotted repeating the same clothes or their belongings.

Recently we found out the wife of a highest-paid actor of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar spotted carrying the same earring she wore before. Twinkle Khanna wore the emerald earrings at the Sonam Kapoor wedding reception. Donned in a white Churidar she paired up her dress with nude sandals and emerald jewellery.

Then, on the other event also she spotted carrying the same earrings with golden and maroon dress. Does that make them look low? Its our perception that if someone is celebrity he/she needs to change their clothes and other belongings but it’s high time to change such thinking.

To let you know, all these celebs have their personal stylists and wardrobe curators who work dedicatedly for them. Their stylists contact fashion designers and clothing lines to provide the outfit if they are about to make a public appearance, which is a two-way business process. Designers lend their clothes for free which in return gives them free publicity when an actor wears them publically. So repeating your personal stuff is everyone’s birthright, it’s time to stop judging!

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