You Will Get Surprised To Know That Americans Don’t Know These 7 Things About The World

One of the biggest countries in the world, area wise, US is famous for its people’s effusive friendliness, its world-leading entertainment industry – Hollywood and its jaw-dropping landscapes. So it’s hardly surprising that many Americans choose never to leave the land of the free. However, the inevitable problem with this is that it can lead to not knowing many crucial facts about the whole world. From tipping culture to trying to use dollars in every country, travelers reveal the things that Americans don’t know, they are following:

1) English isn’t the only language: The nation is criticized being baffled over foreigners who cannot speak English. According to a study, the USA has the second lowest percentage of people able to speak more than one language at just 13.8 per cent – Australia is the lowest at 12.5 per cent. They are bad at learning other languages.

2) America is not the only democratic country in the world: Not the most democratic country either. There exists many India is one of them with hybrid religions and cultures.

3) Tipping is optionalIn America, many waiters and waitresses depend on generous tips from customers to enhance their salary but in the rest of the world staff don’t expect such hefty sums and certainly don’t rely on living off tips.

4) US Dollar is not a global currency: Undoubtedly the dollar is a dominant currency but that doesn’t mean it can be used anywhere on the planet.

5) The rest of the world is much less monolithic than American think: Africa is not a country, its a continent and there is no any “African” language. Likewise, Switzerland isn’t Sweden, Austria isn’t Australia, Slovenia isn’t Slovakia and Iran is not Iraq, they all are the different countries with different languages and cultures. There is no “Indian” language India has more than 122 languages including its national language Hindi. Switzerland has 4 official languages and just because Geneva speaks French doesn’t mean everyone in Zurich can even understand French.

6) Most of the world use Metric System includes meters, grams and celsius: Americans use miles, Fahrenheit, feet and inches are officially called the Imperial system (for historic reasons). Someone calling them that is not accusing you of imperialism, nor does he hate you.

7) Other countries get much more paid annual leave: Americans get the least paid vacation time in the world, whereas in other countries employees enjoy as many as 40 days off a year, US workers are legally entitled to no paid vacation, although many get ten days of national holidays.