High Life Things Before Marriage Vs. Things After Marriage

Things Before Marriage Vs. Things After Marriage

Whenever you will ask a married couple about the change in their life after marriage, they will say “everything changes after marriage”.

If you keep these points in your mind before giving consent for the marriage then you might not have to face those changes:

1. Travel Together

travel together before marriage

It’s important to travel together if you are thinking of settling down with because when you journey with a person you can understand him/her better. You can feel what it is like to be free with one another and how comfortable you are with each other even in worst situations.

2. Have Arguments

have arguments before you get marry

Have those argument sand have loads of them before you get marry. This would help you know that your accomplice is a person who stands their ground or one who just walks away every time when things get heated up. You want to know whether your partner takes the relationship seriously as you do.

3. Discuss Finances

don't shy to discuss finances with your partner

Don’t shy to discuss your earnings with your partner. Work together and plan out things, don’t be shy if your partner earns more than you. Be a person to support and share them all.

4. What Is Cheating?

discuss your views about cheating

Let your accomplice know what according to you is being dishonest. Is flirting with others is cheating? Or sleeping with another is cheating? Just clear it to each other so that you lay down rules before you go deeper in the more serious things.

5. Set The Things About Household Duties

decide your duties of household work together

Come to an agreement about sharing your duties of the household. Diving the work and working together makes life easier for both of you. Marriage no way means slacking off duties.

6. Talk About Kids

discuss about having kids

Its an important thing to discuss. Just say it if you want to have kids. You need to know whether your accomplice thinks the same way as you do because you don’t want to get into something and later finds your accomplice ‘hates kids’.

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