Ever since our final year of graduation started, we’ve been hearing things about what recruiters and employers want and expect from us. And yes! we paid attention to most of the details, building up ethics as per needs. But this time however, we wish employers to know what we as employees want from them. Only because no relationship works one-sided!


Take your Employees along on the way to Success. Their Success is yours and vice-versa.

Take actions on suggestions after assessing them of course as some of those might lead to something better in the future.

If you recognize the work done by your employees, please also consider appreciating them. It only boosts confidence driving them to do better!


At times, please be Human and empathise because at the end of the day we’re all fellow sapiens aren’t we?

Your employees will understand your expectations and give their best once you look forward to fulfilling their expectations as well.



The People at the bottom are just as important if not more or so than those at the top.

Respect is the key foundation of every healthy relationship, even between and Employee and a Boss. Let’s learn to respect each other.


Compliments and words of encouragement work just as good as criticism to make a person push his/her limits and achieve the unexpected.

Small heartwarming gestures can go a long way. It only strengthens the sense of belonging and loyalty.

Let us have some peace of mind and please be patient. Things will be done eventually. 


As far as Salaries and incentives go, provide us with what we earn and what we deserve. Its rewarding and encouraging to perform better outshining previous performances.

Shit happens. We get it, but Lead by Example and not by Command. And thank You for being supportive at every step and giving us an opportunity to work.

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