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High Life Things Guys Think Are Attractive to Women But in Actual Are Not!

Things Guys Think Are Attractive to Women But in Actual Are Not!

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Attracting a woman towards you is the hardest job in this world. Some think of themselves as super cool dudes and precept that they can get any woman with their sophisticated bag of man tricks. But hold on! You are wrong! Here we are today to clear your doubts about the things you think are attractive to women but in actual they are not!

1) Stop checking out other women while she is around, it’s not at all cool!

2) Don’t you ever dare to give this “I just woke up fully dressed in the middle of the street and I’m confused” look to a woman. It seems very fake.

3) Don’t drag down other dudes in order to lift yourself up! It shows how desperate you are in showing that you are better than others.

4) Don’t put kilos of gel into your hair. It looks weird yet it’s a result of not knowing what looks good.

5) Avoid talking about your exes no matter how good they were! As per the past has gone and if you are ready to date another woman then strictly talk about them.

6) Cooking skills win everyone’s, heart. There are plenty of guys that have skills in the kitchen that will steal your girl. So don’t show that you don’t know how to cook, trust me it is not so cool!

7) Liking for someone doesn’t happen just like that! Everything takes its own piece of time to grow. So don’t stress a woman over liking you. If it’s meant to happen it will happen.

8) Putting too much body spray is horrible!

9) Never say you are not like other guys! I repeat never!

10) Ok! Women like stylish men but over-styling kills!


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