Just like Men, Women too does a lot of thinking about, “whether he really likes me?” Does he think I’m Pretty?” “Will he text me?” But how can anybody blame us given this new age of social media and dating apps, where you find dates at the touch of a button. Well, Worry not Ladies, as this might help you in making a few things clearer. Here are a list of things he does that prove he’s totally into you..

He Texts You Alot

Without the damn ego of “I texted her first last time” or even there is nothing so urgent or imp to talk about.


He calls You or chats with You Before He Sleeps

Always..And sometimes keeps going even when he gets sleepy..

He Listens To You when You Talk

Because he likes the way you sound and the things you say..

He Likes To Hug You

A hug says alot more than any other  gesture..


And He Also Cares and Worries About You

He calls you to ask if you reached home safe and also asks you to text once you reach home safe.

He Is Always Up For Hanging Out With You

He is always keen to meet you..


He Even Fights With You

Because he’s willing to set things right with you and not just be unbothered by something..

He Also shares his Thoughts With YOu, Talks About Life With You.

Because he trusts you and considers you to be close to him..

He Teases You

Guys do that with only those they are most comfortable with and comfort is a sign of an everlasting bond.


And even Cares about Your Dreams and Aspirations

He never tells you that its irrational or discourages you, he will rather push you to achieve the best..

He Tells You that He Misses You…

And it brings the most beautiful feeling ever, the tingling feeling in the stomach.. Oh! the feels!


If all or any of this is happening with you with that special someone, there is a good chance that you might be in for a quirky, cute and lovely romance! 😉

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