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High Life Things Men Do That Women Donot Find Sexy At All

Things Men Do That Women Donot Find Sexy At All

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Dear Men please know that is only in your best interests! Read the list carefully because no matter if you do it because you think we find it sexy, but in reality we just don’t! Now FYI these things just get to us in the wrong way altogether so if you have been doing it trying to be cool well then stop already!

1. Showing off the “Bod’ way too much and unnecessarily! okay we get it! you’re working out but don’t show it too much!


2. Being too much of a Player. So, Mr. Casanova if you think thats being cool well its not!

3. Oh! Those mean unfunny bad jokes! You must stop with those ASAP! Cracking mean jokes is kind of a turn-off.


4. Flashing your cash is no way to impress a real lady. Yes! we like being asked to dates and being pampered but its not always and only about money! This much you must know.

5. Bragging about the women you have been with is seriously is the most annoying thing ever! We are so not interested in your past love interests as definitely you won’t be either!


6. Driving around with music blaring in the car is a sign that you’re not a grown up! Believe it or not Women prefer sensible and mature men for company.

7. Showing your muscle and getting into fists fights!


8. Getting way too touchy or clingy (Literally) is no way to show affection as sometimes it might just be irritating.

9. Being way too possessive is a way to tell that your lady is incapable of handling people around her and trust us smart women can’t handle it!

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