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Things More Likely To Kill You Than Terrorism

According to analysis by the New America Foundation, since 9/11 around 45 deaths have caused due to Islamic terror attacks. While 45 deaths are too many to hear, the dizzying fear of Islamic extremism currently sweeping the nation is objectively overblown.

Considering Islamic terror deaths at an average of about 3 deaths per year, here are eight causes more worthy than their fear:


things more likely to kill you than terrorism

TV might be linked to earlier deaths among those who watch more than a few hours a day but actually these devices themselves kill 176 people per year. Literally they fall on the people watching. That 55 times more deaths than Islamic terror claims annually.


things more likely to kill you than  terrorism

Celebrating 4th of July (US Independence Day) claims more deaths than Islamic terror attacks, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The organisation reports an average of 7.1 deaths per year. Meaning, Americans are more likely to blow themselves up than be killed by jihadist bombers.


things more likely to kill you than terrorism

Yeah, you read it right. According to CDC, cattle slay an average of 20 Americans per year. While these deaths occur mostly among the farm workers, dogs kill 28, spiders kill 7, venomous lizards and snake kill 6.


things more likely to kill you than terrorism

While the fear of dying through elevators malfunction has probably distressed many Americans at one time but such a worry is fleeting. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, elevators kill 27 Americans per year.


things more likely to kill you than terrorism

Americans are more likely to die because of choking than Islamic terror attack. At least 2,500 people every year are killed by this asphyxiation – 781 times more than from a jihadi assault. Don’t you think, that they should ban them in the same manner as Trump proposed ban on Muslims.


things more likely to kill you than terrorism

People often quip that one is “more likely to be struck by lightning” when they want to highlight an event’s improbability. However, the deaths from from lightning decreases but it is still more than people killed bu Muslim attacks each year. 49 people die per year from being struck by lightning – 15 times more than rate of death from Islamic extremist murder.

Car Accidents

things more likely to kill you than terrorism

Though Americans are aware of the risk of death by car accidents, this knowledge doesn’t mitigate their phobia of terror attack. The Association for Safe International Road Travel estimates about 37,000 Americans die each year in accidents, over 11,562 times the number killed by Muslim fanatics.

Heart Attacks

things more likely to kill you than terrorism

Heart attacks are one of the Americans’ leading killers, claiming 190,625 times more American lives than Islamic terror. 610,000 Americans die from heart attacks per year. Cancer kills 589,430 Americans annually and diabetes is the main cause of death for Americans 69,071 Americans per year.

These notable risks of death greater than Islamic terror attack includes police who kills 998 people per year; prescription painkillers; bad medical which is estimated to kill 100,000 people in US annually.

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