Things People Who Have A Crush Will Know Too Well

Having  acrush on someone is definitely one of the most amazing and intoxicating feelings we go through. It takes on a completely different high and you just can’t help but think about your crush all the time. You want to see them as much as you can. You secretly stalk them and think about them all the time. But one thing that you constantly want and wish for is for your crush to know that exist and feel without directly making a move and reciprocate in some way! So here are the things people who have a crush will know too well.

1. You can’t help but get conscious about your looks around them.


2. You are ready to do just about anything for them to notice you. Even the silliest of things.


3. You stalk them!


4. You get frustrated and you wanna cry the day you don’t get to see them


5. You so wanna move on but everytime you see them you fail miserably


6. You try hard to make eye contact and small talk.


7. You would even try to impress their friends


8. You try to subtly flirt with them to make sure that they know you are interested.


9. You actually wanna do something significant to get noticed. 


Are you crushing on someone? 😉

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