Karan Patel Took A Dig At Kangana: Gave The Reference Of ‘Tanu Weds Manu’

After Kangana became the talk of the town due to her ongoing war with Bollywood. Many celebs are slamming the actress. Meanwhile,...

Things That Guys Never Realize About Girls

Most of the men think that women are very complicated to understand. But they don’t even realize that these small things can mean a lot for a lady. Women can be happy for small things you do for them, on the other small things can hurt them a lot. So, keep in mind these following things if you are dating a woman:

1)Effort Is Everything

Women actually don’t want that prince charming who can bring all the expensive things of the world for her. They just want some efforts from a person to be with them. This is the undeniable fact that women give a lot in relationships whether they are in family or love. But if they don’t get back even the one-fourth of their efforts, they become disappointed. You will be surprised to know that, your unexpected text can give her a huge happiness.

2)Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

If you are a nice guy it doesn’t mean that you will get a lady who has already had affair with bad guys. It means that she understands who is the best and she is grown enough to choose you.

3)Don’t Say “I Am a Nice Guy”

Basically, the guys who are actually nice never tell the world that they are nice. Women more believe in proving. Research proved that ladies fall in love more with those guys who help others also. So, saying yourself nice or being nice only for her only is not enough to get a girl.

4)They Don’t Owe You A Smile

Ohh Please! Don’t tell a girl to smile if you made her upset or angry. She is also a human being, not a robot who will turn her feelings just with your command. She has also the right to express her emotions. If you made her upset then do something to make her smile don’t say her to smile.

5)Mom Talk

Girls like those guys who love their mom so much and respect them. Because this shows how you treat a woman, how much you respect a woman. Guys who don’t respect their mothers, how can they respect other women? If they don’t give respect to a lady who gave them birth.


6)Honest Players Get A Pass

Yes! If you are dating a girl and this is the very beginning, still be honest with her. We all know that we look for others also. So, if you are dating other ladies just because you are finding a partner for you then tell her the truth. Don’t tell her that you are the only one if this is not true.

7)They Recover From Break-Ups Faster

Actually, after break-ups, girls feel everything very fast because it is the very real situation for them. They cry, they feel sad, they spend nights crying, but when they realize and accept the reality they move on. Never expect that a lady will stick around and come back again to you after you realize her importance. This is the fact that men realize the loss of break up later. But then the girl is moved on.

8)Keep It Slow

Yes! actually, girls want lifetime relationships, so all the things are very special to them. They think that a girl should save herself for marriage. So, never try to be fast in the bedroom, girls want these moments to be special so let them be special.


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