Your Wedding Day is supposed to be the Happiest Day of your Life. With excitement flowing and smiles and wishes coming your way from everywhere you hope your wedding to be picture perfect. Everbody does that! For those folks who are about to get married, these are the things no one tells you about your Wedding Day.

All your Relatives and Friends will have an Opinion about everything.

Even when you have planned the most perfect of everything there will always be an aunt or someone eldercome up with a certain ritual which apparently will solely be very important for your married life.


Those Friends Or Relatives who Will always Get Offended for something.

Whether you forget to send a car to recieve them or you didn’t ask them to have more food or ask them about their stay or comfort of the room, They will just get offended.

You Would’ve never thought Toilet Visits could be so Tough.

When your wedding dress(Lehnga) weighs around 20 kilos, all you can be expected to do is take a walk and visits to the bathroom will feel as tough as climbing the everest.


Social Media Stampede

Before you even realise you would have been tagged in over 50 pictures by friends and family and God Forbids if you forget yo invite a friend whose also your friend on fb.

Suddenly Your Excitement about an overtly Expensive pair of shoes or any other accessory drops..

You may have bought a matching pair of shoes in the rarest of burnt gold or most metallic of silver carefully choosen after several days spent exploring the stores. Guess what? Nobody will notice them at your wedding.


Things are bound to Go wrong But Don’t Panic..

Things don’t always go as we plan and certain things are bound to go astray or not work out but the key is to not to panic and enjoy your wedding as such.


Not All your pictures are going to be perfect..

There are friends and cousins who would want to click pictures with the bride and groom at times when you won’t even be ready for the shot. So be prepared.


As much time as you put into deciding the Food Menu, You will get the Least of it..

If you too carefully hand picked your wedding lunch or dinner menu thinking you’d enjoy it with your better half, you’re in for a disappointment as you will get the least of it.


There always is and Will be the Drinking Drama..

There’s always that one person on every wedding who drinks too much before hitting the dance floor or even sadly making it to the podium with the mic and the whole thing blows out of proportion. Worst part you have to endure that in your wedding footage for the rest of your lives.

The Groom Blues and the Cold Feet..

It is very common for oyur groom to feel not as excited as you might be. Only because all they can think about is making to the room after the ceremony with an ounce of energy left know what.. 😉 So ladies please bare with the poor Groom.


As Much as people may wish to see you cry, but you might not get all that teary..

Of courase you feel emotional while bidding adieu to your family but Hey! You don’t necessarily have to shed tears to convey that.. It’s okay if you won’t cry. People talk about it and forget.

It need not be the Happiest day of your life..

while most of us surely wish it to be but yes, it need not be the Happiest Day of your life. But there will be other moments really happy after that.

So now that you know whats all in store for your Wedding Day, We wish and hope it’ll be an eventful day overall.

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