High Life Things That Women Notices The Most in Men

Things That Women Notices The Most in Men

#1 Body Movement- So, what you want to do here is just don,t do anything that’s going to surprise them. Have you ever been next to somebody and they jump and you jump? That’s because you scare them. Now, its okay if you know somebody just scares them, but if you don’t know them you don’t. So, make sure your movements are smooth that you are not doing anything. If she’s looking at you, you are looking at her, don,t close yourself off. Be more open and pay attention to your body language.

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#2 Your Hands- She is going to look at your hands definitely. Again, this is getting primal here, but she is going to make sure that you are not going to hit her that I know. Women oftentimes are smaller than men. They have to be very aware that, hey I can put into a situation in which he could grab me, he could overpower me. So, women are going to looking at your hands.

#3 Face-Yes! of course, this is a significant thing. She will surely look at your face. She is going to notice you. Not all women like a beard, but most of the women like the beard. They notice smile and beard, moustaches also.

#4 Clothing- Yes, women judge by clothes also. Your way of clothing or style is going to make n impression of yours on women. So, care about your clothing a lot.

#5 Style- In your overall style, she is to look at your clothes obviously. But on small things also such as your bracelets, your watch and mainly your shoes also.


#6Communication Skills- Yes, communication skills is the foremost thing. Women like men who speak with respect to them. Moreover, they like men with good sense of humour. They fall in love with men who make them happy and don’t shout at all.

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