Salman Khan Already Shot The Grand Premiere Of Big Boss-14

Salman Khan, the host of the show has shot the grand premiere. This time the contestants will enter directly.
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Things That You Realise By The Time You Turn 22

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So you have or are probably going to turn 22 soon and you’re excited about your life after Graduation. However, your family and relavtives and seniors keep telling you how growing up just sucks and the life you had till now was probably the best time. While, in some cases it could be true but nobody can ever tell you the absolute truth about life..can they? Anyhow, now that you’re all grown up these are few things that you realise by the time you turn 22..

1. These early years are meant for Struggle in your career.


You must realise that every person has to go through struggle and strive hard to reach a certain level before achieveing their life goals. Even if you dream to become an entrepreneur and dream to make big like Mark Zuckerberg, well he too got through many stumbles before reaching where he is now! So be prepared.

2. Your High School flame is probably not worth it anymore.


Its hight ime that we gave up on our high school or college flames and interests as they are less likely to be back in our lives and probably better if you work on yourself make it worth for someone in the fututre. It is never good to dwell in the past. Looking forward in life at this stage is important and shall bring out best for you.

3. Give up on Binge drinking


Binge drinking is only bound to give you hangovers and trouble waking up for a fresh week ahead. All this, and imagine you have to rush to work. So probably best to quit the habit before hand. You can always go drinking in your 20’s with your friends on weekends but responsibly enough as you’ll soon be facing monday morning blues.

4. Start doing your chores on your own.


Once you graduate and find a decent job you may be moving out of the comforts of your precious home and you won’t have your mom with food running behind you. So best if you learn all about the chores while you still can.

5. You’re likely to find your Favorite Booze and then stick to it.


By the time you turn 22 and get all grown up you’re most likely to know and acknowledge the right kind of booze for yourself, that is the case if you have been quite the ‘drinker’ among your friends. And once you find you’re kinda booze stick to it.

6. You’ll have to prove your worth at every step.


Sadly, as it is, most people judge experience through age. So while you’re just 22 people may not take your wisdom seriously and consider you irresponsible for major stuff at the job. In such situations, stay calm and work hard to prove your worth and your day and time shall come.

7. You also Realise that your dream job is not just around the corner.


You may have heard your elders saying this to you a million times, and sadly its a 100 percent true that life is never easy. To achieve what you dream and make things happen you will have to face the real atrocities of the world. Go through every challenge thrown at your way and prove people right and wrong at every step. All this, to be done, before you get your dream job! The journey after that is another story!

8. Not every person in your life is meant to stay there forever.


The most important and worthy lesson that you learn and realise as you grow up is that not every person is meant to stay in your life forever. And so you must openly accept changes and let people and things go. It might seem hard at first and it shall only do you good in future making you wise and strong.

Here’s all you need to know and somethings that you probably have come to know till now. Rest life is beautiful at every age. After all age is just a number baby! 😉

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