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High Life Things You Should Never do Right After Waking up in The Morning

Things You Should Never do Right After Waking up in The Morning

Waking up in the morning is one of the finest moments of life. Our day starts from here and we decide what we going to do today. It is said that early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. But many of us are not made for this quote. It is really difficult to wake up early in the morning unless you have got to catch a morning flight, having an exam or an interview. But before getting up early, you need to know about these four things that you should avoid after waking up in the morning. Read out the text:

Use of Smartphones

You should avoid using your smartphones right after getting up in the morning. It is because in the morning, the most impact of the rays of the smartphones draws straight on the eyes. Also, when you check your phone as your first activity in the morning, you willingly start your day on someone else’s terms based on the framework of someone liking a photo or emailing you about a business offer.


Taking a bath in the morning is not only a good habit but also the part of hygiene. But do you know that taking bath right after waking up will make you sick? It is because the temperature of the person’s body is high when he wakes up. So one should take bath after 20 minutes of morning wake.

Starting day with tea and coffee

One should avoid taking bed-tea or coffee on empty stomach. After waking up, you should drink two glasses of water first then after 5 minutes you should drink tea or coffee.

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