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Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Going Back To Your Ex

1)No Accusation

Yes! If you both truly want to be with each other again, then just forget the past and start your journey. The most important thing is, dont, play the blame game or don’t blame each other for separation in your past. Remember, that is your past, just make your present awesome.

2)Avoid Overanalysis

actually, we should analyse some situations, but not always. just enjoy your moments now. Don’t regret about past and don’t worry about future. As I mentioned earlier, just enjoy by our present and make it awesome.

3)Forgive, But No One-Upmanship

Yes! forgiveness is good for the health of your relationship. but don’t try to make your partner feel down always for his mistakes done in past. Just stay equal and maintain the equality in your relationship.

4)History Repeat?


It might! But don’t worry it might not. Actually, the chances are 50-50. Moreover, it depends on both of you not to repeat the things again which caused the separation.

5)Do You Need This

Just be honest with yourself! Find the reason that why you want to be with him again. Is it just the fear of being alone, or you still love him truly? Just try to find out the reason that why you are craving for him. Apart from this, he should be equally interested to be with you again.


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