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High Life Things Which You Should Never Do In Clubs

Things Which You Should Never Do In Clubs

Going to clubs is always fun, the hype and joy it creates in a person are just unforgettable but in too much enjoyment we should never forget to behave. Here’s is list of few most common mistakes which we all do in clubs:

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Things to never do in clubs
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1. Don’t wait on stars

Clubs are big places and standing and waiting for anyone on stairs not only depreciates your reputation but also creates problems for others. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s, there’s always too much crowd ready to rock in that club and you would never like to mess with that crowd on stairs. Moreover, clubs are also not a peaceful place for drunkards which always roam around a clubs’ entrance staring you at the stairs.

2. Don’t mistreat the bartender

A bartender is also a professional worker who does his work with proud. He serves you each and every drink you ask and even cleans your tables, therefore, it is always good to treat him nicely and call him by rude names and cuss otherwise security is also a thing which many clubs do hire for your further information.

3. Don’t hit the martini’s first

Sure we all do like the wonderful and cool martinis but the problem is the utensils in which most clubs serve martinis. The narrow bottom makes them very fragile to break or drop during dancing and wet the floor and make it sticky. Therefore, always hit the martinis later if you don’t wanna spoil yours and other people’s fun.

Top things to avoid in clubs
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4. Taking pictures

Always click pictures outside the club, not inside in the darkness with artificial lights and lasers flashing around, otherwise you know that what happens when flashes go into your eyes in darkness – the red-eye effect which just makes a person look like a Dracula.

5. Messing up with decor and furniture

When drunk, a couple of people even forget their names, so how can they care about their surroundings in such condition. Always drink till a limit so that you are able to know on what thing you are sitting, standing and vomiting. Moreover, some reports also prove that broken mirrors in the washroom and messed up furniture are the problems with which most clubs deal after the end of an event.

So maybe with this important information, you’ll enjoy your Saturdays at clubs even more and will never call for any trouble.

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