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High Life Things We Do In The First Month of Our College

Things We Do In The First Month of Our College

The first month in college can be a dream come true for some and for others, it can be an unmitigated disaster. However, there are a few experiences that are a part of every fresher’s first month at college.

1. Being nervous about the first day at college is probably the most normal thing that any fresher can do.

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2. “Making new friends”- Let’s be honest, making friends at college can be scary.

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3. Pin drop silence in class during lectures (You will never experience this after the first big day).

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4. If you are staying away from home, you will call your parents at least thrice a day for few weeks.

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5. Avoiding seniors to escape from ragging. If you’re caught, they’ll make you cry like a baby. (Believe us this is one thing that’ll bond you up with seniors)

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6. Taking a selfie with your college name flashing behind on your first day.

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7. Explore the entire campus. You go rounds of the college campus exploring all over like a tourist.

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8. Learn the lingo of your college!

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9. Bunking classes for that awesome movie or 5 minutes of extra sleep is wrong. But bunking is addictive :P




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