Mahendra Singh Dhoni To Produce Sci-fi Web Series

The star cricketer turned producer Mahendra Singh Dhoni is all set to bring up a sci-fi web series soon.
Entertainment Things Which Meghan Markle Can't do After Wedding

Things Which Meghan Markle Can’t do After Wedding

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#1 No More Acting- The first and foremost thing that she has to quit is acting. Now she is the queen in the royal family, not a Disney queen. Another example is Grace Kelly’s wedding to Prince Rainier. She also left his career behind after marrying Prince Rainier.

#2 No More Bare Legs- Yes! there are no more bare legs for Meg. According to royal expertise, Victoria’ “You never see a royal without their nude stockings. I would say that’s really the only hard, steadfast rule in terms of what the queen requires”. Royals are expected to the way in fashion with there sophisticated and elegant style.

#3 No More Autographs– As an actress, Meghan signed a lot of autographs for her fans but this is no more. The reason is understandable because royals are prohibited to do so.


#4 New Bedtime– Queen’s private secretary told: ” there’d be an hour or so in the sitting room of everyone sitting around making conversation, and nobody felt it right to go to bed before the Queen did.”

#5 No Fur- Yes! this is the truth that Meghan now can’t wear anything made of fur. This rule is imposed to all royals and it was made by King Edward the third in 12th Century.

#6 No PDA- after the wedding now the royal couple cannot show their affection in public. They have to be modest in public.

#7 Eating Rules- They cannot eat after the queen has finished eating. Anyone dining with the queen including the members of the royal family has to take care of their majesty’s actions. If queen will stop eating than everybody else have to stop.

#8 Non- Royals cannot Touch Them- After all, there’s price to pay to be a member of royal family. If Meghan wants to hug her parents she can’t do this.

#9 No more Voting- This is so because royals can’t vote. Because their vote can affect the public opinion in an unfair way.


#10 No Bright Coloured Nail Polish- Now if Meghan wants to apply a bright nail polish on her nails she can’t do the same. This  is so because queen thinks that bright nail polishes don’t meet the standards of royals and are considered “vulgar”.


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