Om Puri’s Wife Launches YouTube Channel On His 70th Birth Anniversary

Remembering the late actor Om Puri his wife launched a YouTube channel on his 70th birth Anniversary.
High Life Things Which Men Want in Lady But Never Say

Things Which Men Want in Lady But Never Say

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Every guy thinks that the girls are complicated to understand and girls think that guys can’t understand them. There are certain things which a man wants in his lady.

#1The First Move- Taking a First move is the sexiest thing that you can do for your man. Don’t think that the making the first move is a job of a guy because it’s totally wrong. Men love a lady who makes the first move.

#2 Speak your Mind- This is really a matter of concern if you are in a relationship. Many girls don’t speak directly or straight what they actually want and men don’t like their lady to be like this. Men love girls who have the direct approach to their emotions.

#3 Don’t be a Robot- Don’t feel shy to express yourself in front of your guy. Men love the girls who do not afraid to express their inner self and who they are.

#4 Sports- This is an undeniable fact that men love sports but they want their lady to love sports also. They like ladies who love sports and can watch or play sports games with them.

#5 No Drama- This is the bitter reality, accept it or not that girls do some dramatic things in their life. Guys want things straight as they are preoccupied with different things in life.

#6 Chill- Pill- Our life is already full of stress. So, everyone wants a partner who works as a stress buster for them. Men also want the same thing from their lady. You should not be another fight for your man, be chilled, relax and let him.

#7 No Phones When They Are Around- This will make your relationship more beautiful and you will feel more attached. Every man wants his lady completely for him when he is near you. Phones can be a distraction. So, focus on him and let him.

Apply these seven things in your relationship and you will feel your man will be more attached to you. Be the supportive and understanding partner for him that he loves to talk or spend time with you.

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