Trending Things You Can Totally Relate To If You Live With Flatmates

Things You Can Totally Relate To If You Live With Flatmates

When you move out of your hometown to a different place to either work or study the first thought that comes to the mind is “I will soon be living with a couple of strangers!” But mostly these strangers turn out to be your buddies for life! (How can they not after having lived with you? :P) They are your family in a home away from home.

A new Month is all about new set of same old Bills

fromrent to grocery to milkman to maid to WiFi and then asking each other …kiska kitna hua..? 

Most of the Fights are about Cleanliness, Food or whose turn is it to Cook..

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Because there is always that one person who freaks out about cleanliness and the one who never cleans up the mess, OR Kal hi toh maine pulao banaya tha..! 


You spend Most of the Time Planning what to eat for Dinner

ghar pe kya kya pada hai? Maybe we should order something!

You get Used to seeing People in Towels or even less!

Because we can all change and try clothes in one room. Its more fun this way! 😛


Girls can always Borrow Clothes adding more variety to each other’s Wardrobes


When girls live togther, its a place full of Fashion.

Going to the Parlour togther every weekend!

And everyone getting grromed by getting their waxing, facials and mani- pedis done!


There’s always a Fight over Whos Gonno Open the Door to the maid in the Morning

*Bell ringing*.. *Ringing*… *Still ringing*..

If Something breaks Everyone Forgets to call the Landlord for Days..

And the time when Landlord arrives..oops!

Every Night feels like a Sleepover Party

Dancing in Pyjamas, talking all night, the girly stuff never ends.. 😀


You always have someone to Handle you at Your emotional or Drunken worst

Since they are aware of every tiny bit happening in your life..


They Always call to check on you when you get late without informing

Because they worry about your safety just like a loved one does.

You Miss them when they Go Home for Holidays

And So do they I’m sure. Buty hey! Everybody gets the treats from home later!

And Just after living togther for an year you have countless memories!

Because everyday is a new Adventure..


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