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News Things You Must Know About Delhi's New Odd-Even Traffic Control Plan

Things You Must Know About Delhi’s New Odd-Even Traffic Control Plan

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Delhi Government is taking serious steps and initiatives to curb the rising air pollution in the Capital. In the wake of efforts for the same, Delhi government has launched a new Traffic Control Plan according to which private vehicles bearing odd and even registeration numbers will be restricted to ply on alternate days.


These measures were announced on Friday following an emergency meeting which was chaired by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. the meeting was held right after the Delhi High Court compared the City to a “Gas Chamber”.

Here are some things we must know about Delhi’s New Odd-even Traffic Control Plan: 

The policy of allowing odd and even numbered vehicles on aletrnate days has been adopted by Beijing and will implemented in Delhi from January 1, 2016.

These measures will not be applied to CNG driven buses, Taxis and Auto-rickshaws.


This framework , however, shall also cover vehicles entering the NCR from other states.

In the wake of this effort, Delhi Government also promised to increase the public transport in the city.

The initiative has been adopted from Beijing which implemented a similar measure in 2013.


In Delhi, there are already some 90 lakh vehicles registered and almost 1,500 new vehicles are added everyday. 

Delhi’s total Vehicular population is around 27 lakh and this pollution control system shall apply to the same.

The Friday’s decision also marks the government’s plans to shut down the 1970-commissioned thermal power plant at Badarpur. The plant which uses outdated equipment and often breaks down, adding to the worsening of air quality in the capital. 


Delhi Government has also decided to launch an App for people to report Pollution causing vehicles, besides controlling traffic.

According to WHO standards Delhi’s air is 11 times more polluted than its prescribed limit which makes Delhi’s air quality to be among the worst in the world. 

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