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Trending Things you probably missed in HRD minister Smriti Irani's speech.

Things you probably missed in HRD minister Smriti Irani’s speech.

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After the recent havoc caused by the politicisation of the death of Rohith Vemula and the JNU row, we have seen the real face of many journalists many politicians and many NGO’s. Some support the not in power UPA and some support the Centre led by BJP. Some claimed it was sedition some claim it to be freedom of expression.


When recently Smriti Irani the HRD minister spoke on the issue in the Lok Sabha, she said some things backed with proofs which many won’t tell you. The reason being the hidden political backings or their biased attitude. The HRD minister went on speaking even when the opposition tried to disrupt the proceedings and she was very aggressive, some even said that Tulsi the character from star plus is back.


Here are a few things worth noting down from the speech by Irani

  • From May 1, 2014 to February 23, 2016 the MHRD received 66,230 grievances MHRD out of which 61892 were solved the Ministry. This claim was made by the HRD minister and stands true and backed by her records which a normal RTI can verify for you. Huge I say!

 Slamming those who claimed the government to be ignorant towards minorities she said the following.

  • ‘Helped Iqbal Rasool dar from Kashmir, get his scholarship fellowship. Provided more than 1 lakh of his fellowship in a month’

 On the questions raised by the opposition that the MHRD interferes with the education institutes of the nation by writing letters time and again HRD minister Smriti Irani had the following to say;

  • ‘Hanumantha rao wrote to my ministry asking us to address the University of Hyderabad issue and we wrote letters to the university to address the issue given by Mr Rao.’
  • ‘Owaisi Sahab wanted us to look into the matter of a professor in a university and we wrote letters there to find solutions to the problem reported by him’
  • It is my duty to do so and I will write letters in the capacity of a HRD minister.

Smriti Irani beautifully tackled all the allegation made on her during the past few month and even talked on the death of Rohith, who was a student at University of Hyderabad.

  • The committee which sat and took the decision to disbar Rohith from the university had no one appointed by the NDA government they were all appointed during the UPA.

Irani even read out the police statement that clearly stated no doctor was allowed near the body of Rohith who could help him revive. Slamming the people who took this as an opportunity to make a political vendetta out of it.

On the JNU row

  • 38 staff members of the university gave a written statement of seeing students Umar, Anirban stood there and anti-national slogans were shouted out.
  • A committee formed, having no link to the government sent a letter to all the deans, sports in charges and other officials asking them to suspend the students who were involved in the February 9 event.

After the speech many opposition leaders went shut as it was something that was provided with proof. There were clouds hovering over these issues as to who did what, but the speech that fact full has cleared many of these question that even might have in mind.

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