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High Life Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Vagina !

Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Vagina !

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A Vagina is the most important part of a female body not just because you get to do sex ! As a baby is born through it, a Vagina represents feminism. It is very important to take care of your Vagina if you want to live healthy and stress-free. Consider it lack of knowledge or not hygienic enough ! We, woman, do certain things which are harmful to our lady part. So, today we are going to discuss the things which are harmful to our health. Things which you should never ever do to your Vagina.

Do Not Scrub Your Vagina That Much

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Cleaning your vagina from outside is fine ! But not from inside but we still do. Scrubbing your vagina from inside is not good for your health. And various products which are there for vagina cleaning also mention this on their cartons. So, stop torturing your vagina.

Do Not Use Any Other Product, Just Water is Fine !


According to Nancy Harta, The vagina is pretty good at cleaning itself,’. And it is absolutely true ! so, keep it away from soaps, perfumes, ball of herbs etc. These things disturb the natural Ph balance of your vagina.

No Need To Steam It, No, No !


Steaming your vagina is not at all god for your vagina hormonal balance and environment. In fact, it is harmful to your vagina.

If You Want To Pee, Pee After Sex


Doing pee after sex is recommended but not before it. New York urologist David Kaufman has said that having a wee before sex actually increases your chances of UTIs, calling it the ‘No.1 cause of post-coital urinary tract infections’ – because it leads to a weaker stream after sex, or the lack of a need to go at all.

Sleep Freely !


All day long we have to wear pants, undergarments which make lady parts a little uncomfortable. So, let them breathe at least in the night. Wearing pants to sleep might also exacerbate infections from ingrown hairs. So, Go Commando !!

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