Taapsee Pannu calls Anurag Kashyap ‘biggest feminist’

After Payal Ghosh, put allegations on filmmaker Anurag Kashyap for being sexually inappropriate towards her. Taapsee Pannu came in support of him.
High Life Things You Should Never Say To Teenagers

Things You Should Never Say To Teenagers

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We all that teenagers are adolescence and new to all mental and physical changes. So, one should communicate with them with care and avoid some things to say them, especially if you are a guardian or a parent. So, here are some things to avoid:

It’s Okay

If your child is sad or something wrong is happening in his life whether this is related to a crush or best friend. You shouldn’t say it’s okay after listening to them because next time they will never share their problem with you because they will think that you are not understanding their problem. So, instead of saying it’s okay you should console your child and try to solve his problem.

I am so Fat

Don’t use some negative words such ugly, fatty or so on for yourself. Because you are the role model for your child and if you will criticize yourself in front them it will impact badly on them.

Hurry Up

This word really gives an unnecessary stress o your child, especially in morning. So, try to wake them up earlier but politely and never rush.

Don’t Be Sad

Don’t tell them “Don’t be sad’ if they are sad, there’s a reason. So, try to know the reason and solve their problems.

Let me Do it

This is the common thing in many parents that if there child is unable to some work they say to try to help them. But it makes your child dependent on you or they will for someone to settle their works in future. So if you want your child to be independent or think that everything is in his hands so don’t do his work.

You Need To Set an Example For Your Little Sibling

Yeah! This is quite irritating for them.


Never ever compare your child with any other his friend cousin or neighbour of his age. Because everyone is good in their field some are in studies, some in music or some in sports. So, don’t compare your child’s capabilities with others.



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