Big Boss -14 Contestant Nikki Tamboli’s Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Nikki Tamboli, who will soon be seen in the controversial reality show Big boss-14.
High Life Things You Should Not Share on Social Media, No Matter What!

Things You Should Not Share on Social Media, No Matter What!

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The Internet makes our life so easy! Connecting with the people from all around the world is no less than a boon. We share life moments and experiences on our social media platforms with other people and also keeps ourselves updated with what’s happening in other’s life. It is a great source of communication but everything has its own pros and cons. Sometimes we share things on the social media which are not good for our privacy and safety. Here are some things you should never share on social media.

Keep your love life as well as intimacy private

Sharing that you are in love is good but there are some limits in expressing how much you are in love with your partner. Nobody needs to know what’s happening behind the closed doors. Sex is a very private and personal thing and you better keep it private to the core. Sharing too much information about your intimacy will create a wrong image in front of the people.

 Never post the personal information about your partner

If you want to share anything about your personal life, you can share it but when it comes to your partner you should not post about their personal stuff. As it becomes an invasion of their privacy. It’s their right what to share and what not and with whom so you better not interfere in that no matter how much you in love with them!

Never post about your arguments, fights or breakups

Posting about such things could be embarrassing. It put a negative impression about your partner among the people.

Unapproved pictures of your partner

It seems funny! But never post a picture without letting your partner know about it. Two people have two thinkings so wait till your partner don’t give his/her consent on the photo you want to post.

Never post mean jokes about your partner or never give indirect messages through your posts to your partner

This could surely develop the difference between you and your partner. Talk to them directly.

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