High Life Health You May Have a "Second Brain" , But In Your Butt

You May Have a “Second Brain” , But In Your Butt

A new study provides evidence of mammals are thought to have “second brain” or “gut brain” in their colons. This is not a literal brain but more of an autonomous matrix of millions of neurons that can, somehow, control intestinal muscle movements without any help from your central nervous system. Moreover, these colours don’t actually live in your butt, they do live in your colon or large intestine.

This system works without any help from your central nervous system that is why scientists call it “second brain”. Scientists are don’t know sure yet but according to a new study in mice, the answers may be pretty smart for an intestine.

According to the researchers, similar synchronized neuron routines are also common in the early stages of brain development. This could mean that the pattern they identified in the colon might represent the earliest functioning brain in your body. So, it could mean that the brain in your butt is actually a “first brain” not second. However, this is the first time such a neuron-firing pattern has ever been detected in the colon, and so far, it’s been found only in mice. The researchers are confident that their findings could apply to other mammals, too. But a clearer understanding of the enteric nervous system’s power in humans will require further study — and lots of serious thinking from both brains.

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